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Mark Tincknell is a social entrepreneur and investor. He works with enterprising startups and new businesses which are emerging from both inner city and rural initiatives across the UK. He is currently the Chairman of Oneserve, an innovative software firm based in Devon.

Mark is able to provide financial support to new enterprises, alongside more one-to-one advice and guidance. He is strongly placed to offer new businesses a helpful steer, having experienced the ups and downs of business throughout his 25 years operating in the corporate world.

Mark also has a very keen interest in the rapidly developing cloud and mobile software markets and is continually identifying and exploring good investments in tech businesses.
If you want to find out more or engage with Mark online and through social media, here’s how:

Mark Tincknell (on Twitter)

Mark Tincknell (on LinkedIn)

Mark Tincknell (on Google+)

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